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Each day staff and inmates separate their biodegradable plate scrapings into a bin that is later emptied into the Earth Tub and mixed with yard waste from the campus. 1901 NE F Street Grants Pass , OR 97526 Phone: 541-474-5140 Fax: 541-474-5141 Email: jocosheriff@co.jos. . . Hours: 24-hour facility info on inmate college programs, financial aid Education Inside. Visiting Hours | Dress Code. Visiting Hours (Minimum security inmates only) There are no visiting periods for those individuals civilly committed to the facility for. Due to the lapse in federal funding, this Office of Justice Programs (OJP) is unavailable. Josephine County Jail . To search for inmates at the Josephine County Jail , go to the Current Inmates Page. Inmates are listed in alphabetical order and you can review: Briefly. Roanoke Times---Guards fired live ammunition to break up a fight between gangs of black and Hispanic inmates in the exercise yard of a maximum security. About Jail and Inmate Records in Oregon. Jail and inmate records can generally be found through the County Sheriff's office. Some counties provide this information. The Grant County Jail has been operating in its present location since January 1986 and is a 188 bed facility. In 1999 the Work Release Center. What it Costs When We Don't Educate Inmates for Life After Prison.

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[Those still in jail today] All information posted is public record. Visit http:// for further information. All inmates are innocent until  . Search Jail and Inmate Records Records in Oregon.. Search Oregon jail and inmate records through Vinelink.. . 1901 NE F Street, Grants Pass, OR 97526 1901 NE F Street Grants Pass, OR 97526. Phone: 541-474-5140. Fax: 541-474- 5141. Email: jocosheriff@co.jos. . . Hours: 24-hour facility . Grants Pass, OR 97526. The 262-bed Jail was built in 2000 and currently is able to house a maximum of 30 Contract. The new JMS still provides access to in-custody inmates, however. Josephine County Jail Inmate List; How to Remove an Online Mugshot; Josephine County Jail Inmate Search; VINELINK – Inmate Search. Find inmates housed in the jails and prisons listed here.. Josephine County Correctional Facility 1901 Northeast F Street, Grants Pass, OR 97526 (541) . Josephine County Jail. To search for inmates at the Josephine County Jail, go to the Current Inmates Page. Inmates are listed in alphabetical order and you can review: County Jail and Grants Pass News and Directory. Find Inmates and Crime data for Grants Pass,

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